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Dr. Cecilia Jarmon Davis-Jackson is a retired English and philosophy teacher. She has a Master’s Degree in Education and in Clinical Counseling, a Doctorate in Divinity, has over 30 years of experience in ministry and education and holds various licenses and certifications. Cecilia is an author, inspirational speaker, Biblical educational consultant, curriculum developer, intercontinental leader of Kingdom International Nations for Christ, and Co-Founder of “I AM” Fellowship’s Non-Conventional School of ministry (with her husband for 36 years, Dr. Michael Jackson). Additionally, Cecilia is founder of Reaching Women and Children for the Nations, Christian Community Outreach Inc., functions as an apostle in the Kingdom of God, and has a passion for prophetically imparting doctrine with practical application.  Dr. Jackson’s God-given anointing charismatically influences and shifts the atmosphere in audiences of cultural and socio-economic diversity and impacts cross-generational gatherings.


Contact,, 513-278-7170, or PO Box 355, West Union, Ohio, USA.